Broadband company offers fast Internet without contracts

If the past few years have demonstrated anything, it is the importance of having an Internet connection in one’s home. The quality and speed of one’s connection can make a significant difference in employment prospects, educational outcomes and even needed medical care through telehealth.

Fidium, a consumer internet service from Consolidated Communications, offers multi-gig Internet services through their all-fiber network. They deliver speeds up to 2 gigs (2,000 MBPS) empowering customers to connect dozens of devices to a single Internet source without compromising speed.

A fiber Internet connection delivers much higher speeds than the usual cable connections, and users do not have to share bandwidth with neighbors. If the whole block is streaming the hottest new show, Fidium customers do not have to deal with speed or connectivity issues like cable users.

With whole-home WiFi, users will never have to suffer through glitchy connections or service dead zones. From basement to attic, customers will have the performance and bandwidth they paid for with enhanced security to protect from hackers.

To sweeten the deal, download and upload speeds are symmetrical through Fidium’s Internet service. This feature is especially helpful to those who work from home, letting them get more work done with minimal loading delays.

Fidium has four speed packages designed to meet the needs of any home. From 50 MBPS for homes with minimal online needs to the ultra-fast 2-gigabits super users, Fidium has a package for everyone.

Each package comes with WiFi 6, the most up-to-date network router, and the Attune WiFi mobile app without contracts, data caps or hassles. The app and router together give customers a high level of control over their home network.

Customers can set up profiles for each user, set time-of-day limitations, content controls and even time limits. Users can create guest networks and determine what level of access they give visitors without having to give out passwords. The app’s Guard and Adapt features learn users’ usage habits and adjusts to keep the network both secure and optimized for use.

Fidium is designed to make quality Internet affordable with competitive pricing and participating in the Affordable Connectivity Plan and Lifeline Broadband Discount, helping low-income households access Internet service.

If problems arise, Fidium’s compassionate customer service is there to help. They understand the frustration that comes with technical difficulties and are knowledgeable, experienced and empowered to address and solve all customer concerns.

Fast network speeds mean streaming is a breeze. Fidium’s service pairs well with smart TVs and streaming plug-ins. A strong fiber connection means all the entertainment one could want is right at their fingertips

If customers want their streaming on-the-go, fiber Internet significantly reduces download time, making offline viewing easier than ever.

Built on a foundation of dependable service and support with no hidden fees or gimmicks, Fidium offers reliable high-speed fiber Internet, customer-friendly prices and cutting-edge fiber technology directly to the home and now the Fidium internet experience is available at the office, with their new Fidium@Work product.

This article was presented and sponsored by Fidium. For more information, go to or click below.

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